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CGI/3D Floorplan and Art Exhibition production.

CGI/Computer Generated Images.

  1. Information on the building can be imported into the computer and used as a template for the 3D Art Exhibitions Floor plan and Documentary Photography of  Art Exhibitions.
  2. Modeling: Traditional drawings, sketches and photos can also be used to create the design.
  3. Once the computer model has been created: Floor, Walls, Ceiling, the Artwork are added  Stands, Set/Prop).
  4. Illumination and materials are added to the individual 3D elements in accordance with the space’s appearance: Concrete, Wood, Metal, Etc. finally objects with specific dimensions (fine art, antiques and sculptures) are created and installed in the space to recreate and plan the final aspect of Art viewings – Exhibitions.
  5. High-resolution renders are then created from the chosen viewpoints and the final images are worked up adding digital artwork in Photoshop.


Available to discuss all your art exhibition and installation requirements.

References are available upon request